Diogo Feio defends CDS support for Marcelo’s possible re-election | Presidential elections

The former parliamentary leader of the CDS-PP, Diogo Feio, defended on Friday that the party could support a possible re-election of the current President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, saying that none of the candidates announced gave him “the peace of mind”.

“I have no doubt that a party with the nature of the CDS, if the current President of the Republic were to re-present himself, can, in quotes, support this redistribution,” he said.

According to the former MEP, “what will happen if Professor Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa holds more than 50% of the vote is a historic moment”, because it means that the center-right candidates could be in Belém “for 20 years consecutive “.

Speaking at the first event at the Youth Popular (JP) painting school, which started on Friday and will run until Sunday in Oliveira do Bairro (Aveiro district), the centrist said none of the pre -candidates “don’t give him peace of mind.” the office of President of the Republic ”. For Diogo Feio, the presidential elections cannot be “a race to see who is worth the most votes on the left” and the Head of State “must always be of a level of stability”, and not “an organizer of congress against the government ”.

If he had to give him a nickname, the organizer of the management school would choose “Marcelo, the moderator”, indicating that he wants to see in Belém “someone who is an example of moderation”.

CDS president Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos defended last week that the right “has a president” who was “elected with the support of the CDS and the PSD” and referred to after Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa’s decision regarding a possible a re-election in the presidential election of 2021 the meeting of the “own organs of the party” to decide “to support or not” this candidacy.

Six months from the end of the mandate of the current President of the Republic, there are already eight pre-candidates for Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa: the deputy André Ventura (Chega), lawyer and founder of the Liberal Initiative Tiago Mayan Gonçalves , the leader of the Republican Democratic Party (PDR), Bruno Fialho, the MEP and BE leader Marisa Matias, the former socialist MEP Ana Gomes, Vitorino Silva (better known as Tino de Rans), the former CDS activist Orlando Cruz and João Ferreira, PCP.

Diogo Feio, the former social democratic minister Miguel Poiares Maduro and the president of popular youth, Francisco Mota, discussed Friday evening on “the future of the right in Portugal”.

Regarding the presidential elections, the PSD adviser considered a “very likely” second term for Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, but said he was not “convinced that the President of the Republic would change as much” in the next five years .

Regarding the municipalities, put forward in this school of executives, Poiares Maduro recommended that “it is quite logical that there could be several coalitions between PSD and CDS” in the municipalities, which he hopes to happen.

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After defending last week a single list of PSD and CDS to run for mayor of Lisbon, a coalition which he believes should be led by Paulo Portas, the Social Democrat confided that this proposal “caused a stir” within of the PSD.

In the same debate, the JP president agreed that Paulo Portas would be a “good candidate” for the Lisbon Chamber, but challenged Poiares Maduro to lead this coalition. “It would only cause me more headaches,” replied the university professor, indicating that he will be there “to support the candidacy” of the former centrist leader.

Regarding possible support for Marcelo’s re-candidacy, Francisco Mota indicated that the structure which represents the youth of the CDS “may not support the party’s candidate, but will never be against the party”.

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