TikTok is suing Donald Trump again. The US President has already given his “blessing” to the company with Oracle – Observer

After the U.S. Department of Commerce issued an order to prevent further downloads of the TikTok app from Sunday, the social network and the company it belongs to (the Chinese company Bytedance) filed a new lawsuit against Trump. The goal is to try to prevent the ban from continuing, according to the Wall Street Journal. However, the US president has already given his “blessing” to the deal between Oracle and the Chinese app, which could mean the ban is lifted, the New York Times explains.

I gave my blessing to the deal, ”Donald Trump told reporters as he left the White House. “If they manage to finish [o acordo] great, otherwise it’s also good for me, ”he said, adding that the headquarters of the new company – which will result from this agreement -“ will most likely be located in Texas ”.

TikTok and WeChat app downloads banned in US from Sunday

The ByteDance lawsuit has been filed in federal court in Washington DC and ByteDance accuses the Donald Trump administration of exceeding its limits and violating principles such as freedom of expression: communication and sharing of information without offering its owners a due process and [fê-lo] for political reasons, rather than for any “unusual and extraordinary threat” to the United States ”.

As of Sunday, September 20, “any provision of services to distribute or maintain WeChat or TikTok mobile apps, constituent codes or app updates through an online mobile app store in the United States” is prohibited. The stake, according to the administration of Donald Trump, is the “national security” of the country, because the president believes that these companies give data of American users to the Chinese Communist Party.

This order can be canceled before Sunday, if TikTok concludes once and for all the agreement it is negotiating with the North American company Oracle, which it has chosen to be its “technology partner” in the United States. In the race for Chinese candidates, there was still the giant Microsoft, but this agreement did not continue.

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