CDS drops to 1.1%. PS and PSD lose strength | Vote

The CDS-PP continues to fall sharply in the Aximage poll for JN and TSF published this Sunday, which gives the party led by Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos only 1.1% of voting intentions. This is the result that places the CDS in last place, with a lower percentage than that recorded in 2019 by one of the parties which was then able to elect deputies. Even Livre, the last to join S. Bento at the time, achieved more (it was 1.29%) than now the CDS, which in 2019 had obtained 4.4% in the legislatures.

The PS continues to lead, with 37.6%, but loses four points compared to the previous Aximage survey in July. Despite this, he alone continues to count on more voting intentions than on the whole right, where it is not only the CDS that suffers greatly from the transfer of voting intentions to the new parties in this area. The PSD is now 23.9%, four points lower than those obtained in the legislatures. The seven points lower than PSD and CDS are the growth of Chega and Iniciativa Liberal. André Ventura’s party, which is holding its convention this weekend, appears in this poll with 6.8% (he had 1.29% in 2019) and IL is with 2.6% (he also had 1.29 % in 2019).

In the left field, BE maintains the status of third political force, with 8.3% (still 1.2 points less than in the legislative elections) and the CDU with 5.6% (6.33% in 2019), in a survey carried out after the Festa do Avante !. PAN continues to grow with 4.25% (3.32% in 2019) and Book with 1.2% (1.29% in 2019).

The fieldwork for this survey took place from 12 to 15 September, when 603 interviews were collected, from a weighted sample, with a margin of error of 4%.

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