Covid-19 in Portugal: 13 deaths in 24 hours, the biggest increase since July | Coronavirus

Sunday’s epidemiological bulletin reflects a decline in the number of cases, which has increased consecutively over the past five days. In total, health authorities detected 552 new covid-19 infections in Portugal, 297 fewer than the day before.

However, despite this drop, there were 13 deaths during the same period, a figure that is the largest increase in this indicator since July 9, when that tally was the same but the number of cases was weaker (418).

Another negative indicator for this Sunday is the fact that the 13 deaths were not proportionately followed by a decrease in the number of inpatients and in intensive care units. In the first case, there are 511 hospitalizations across the country (14 more than inside), including 63 in intensive care units (one less than in the bulletin released on Saturday by the general directorate of health) .

Another 192 people have recovered in the past 24 hours, with a total of 45,596 recovered since the start of the pandemic, with the number of active cases in the country rising to 21,069.

If we look at the geographic distribution of new cases, we can see that the North, unlike Saturday, is the region with the highest number of cases, accounting for 49% of the 552 infections detected. Lisbon and the Tagus Valley accounted for 32% of cases, the Center region 5%. The Alentejo and the Algarve have concentrated 6% of new cases.

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In the islands, the Madeira archipelago detected one case of infection (0.2% of the total), while the Azores recorded two people infected with the virus (0.4%).

In the distribution of infections, women are superior (37,592) over men (30,985), but the virus was found to be more lethal in men (963 deaths) than in women (949 deaths).

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