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Never before has the main professional football competition restarted with so many restrictions, constraints and jolts. The pandemic has brought new times and a “new normal” which will require great flexibility and great adaptation on the part of everyone. Of all that is different, what is most visible and obvious is the absence of an audience in the stadiums. And this is also the one that is the most controversial, because it is not clear why football is discriminated against compared to so many other activities that people are already allowed to attend.

The argument that the behaviors of those who go to a stadium, are different from those who go to the cinema or to bullfighting, clearly falls to the ground, because it is exactly the same people who go to the stadiums who also go to all. the other shows and if in football by any chance these people behave differently and for the worse then they are punished and penalized for doing it and let’s take advantage of this moment of pandemic, for, once and for all , eradicate from the forums those who behave badly, whether because of the issue of social detachment, the throwing of firecrackers or violence or insults. People like this are not interested, or precise, in what is the biggest and most transversal, global and successful trade fair in the world called football.

In the four lines we move on to the main cases of play. At Famalicão-Benfica, in the 19th minute, Waldschmidt’s goal was legal as regards a possible offside. The Benfica player not only started from a legal position, but also received the ball from his opponent, which would always validate his position, because under these circumstances there is never an offside.

At 27 minutes, Rubén Dias was warned for openly and deliberately grabbing Tony Martínez. The referee did not immediately stop the movement, as he applied the law of advantage, only later warning the “red” defender.

At minute 40, a direct free kick at the entrance to the area in favor of Benfica, which would result in a goal, by the bottom of Fernando on Taarabt. The Famalicense player was also cautioned because by committing this offense he cut off a promising attack. During the execution of the free kick, the referee twice called the attention of André Almeida not to approach within a meter of the opposing barrier, because according to the changes in the laws of the game, whenever a barrier is formed by three or more. players, the player’s colleagues must be at least one meter away until the free kick is taken, otherwise they will themselves be punished with an indirect free kick.

Minute 47, Jorge Pereira is correctly warned for having recovered Everton. Unsportsmanlike behavior well sanctioned by discipline.

Minute 52, Patrick commits a foul on Darwin, the referee, well, gave the law of advantage and following the blow, Rafa scores a goal.

Minute 71, Gabriel is warned for having caught Gonçalo Rodrigues. The referee maintained the consistency and uniformity of the criteria regarding the grappling hooks and punished the Benfica player.

At 80 minutes, what could have been the case in the match, once again, was well decided by the referee. Del Campo, inside his zone, is playing just casually and inadvertently with his arm on the ball, which has come off the rebound and unexpectedly off the ground.

From FC Porto-Sp. Braga underlined, from the outset, for the canceled goals, in the 13th minute to the “dragons”, and in the 22nd minute to Braga, both offside. The intervention of the VAR was essential, which showed us through available technology, Corona by 30cm and Abel Ruiz by 8cm, ahead of the penultimate opponent as his colleagues pass by.

Minute 45 ‘+ 1’, the goal from Sérgio Oliveira is cool. The white and white player, while jumping vertically, did not push or carry his opponent. The contact that existed with the arm behind the back was normal and in a gesture of protection and impulse, the defender of Braga was not prevented, nor could he challenge the movement.

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Minute 45 ‘+ 3’. penalty well marked in favor of FC Porto. Raul Silva does not stop his movement and recklessly, with his knees and legs, touches and knocks Marega down.

Minute 76, the “dragons” demand a penalty for an offense committed by Esgaio, but it is the Braga player who arrives first and Uribe ends up giving him a kick.

Minute 88, penalty well marked in favor of FC Porto. Tormena is reckless in the way he approaches the throw, finishing, with his left leg touching and crawling Taremi’s left leg.

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