Covid-19: From London to Jerusalem, Thousands of People Take to the Streets to Refuse Detention | Photo gallery

After a summer when most countries appeared to be able to contain the spread of the new coronavirus, especially in Europe, several countries are preparing to enter the fall with an upsurge in cases yet to be controlled. The situation has led the governments of several countries to decide to apply new selective containment measures in certain cities or regions, rules which are not welcomed by all citizens.

From London to Jerusalem, anti-containment protests are on the rise, with a diverse spectrum of protesters: from supporters of better testing and health-boosting policies to supporters of theories who believe covid-19 is nothing more than a hoax.

In Madrid, thousands of citizens gathered on Sunday at the gates of the Madrid Assembly, district and municipal councils to criticize the “ineffective and discriminatory” measures applied, namely kidnapping. The protests come a day before the entry into force of new rules that restrict freedom of movement to more than 850,000 citizens imposed by the government in Madrid. Protesters complained that the measures, widely applied to low-income areas and neighborhoods where immigrant communities live, are “ineffective and discriminatory.”

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