“I’m still here and will continue,” said Ventura, whose list only dropped to third | André Ventura

After Saturday was the day of complaints and criticism, where Chega showed that with only a year and a half of life he suffers from the growing pains that bring him closer to the big holidays, Sunday was the day when it seemed like anything really could. went down. André Ventura’s stubbornness forced Chega to hold one of the most troubled meetings of the most troubled parties in recent years, and even the ghost of another resignation from the leader loomed, when he received the second refusal. activists from the list he had proposed to the national leadership, your trusted organization. But he didn’t change it – he just added a name from the first to the second.

When, the third, he put forward his will, he warned those “who were already opening the champagne” of his resignation: “I am still here and I will continue with the strength of this party”. Because an hour and a half earlier he had walked around the stage and seemed to wipe away a tear saying that “democracy” had worked at Chega and the party had chosen to say no twice, leaving the air in the air that he could leave. Then, victorious, almost in apotheosis with the supporters who resisted until 8 pm, but without smiling, he wanted to send messages saying that Chega “has internal democracy” and leaves “stronger than ever”.

Ventura has repeatedly denied that at Chega “there is no movement behind the scenes” for the decisions, but promised changes to the operation without specifying. “I want to leave a promise as president elected with 99.4% of the vote: we will make changes so that power in Chega is never taken away from the militants. We are not a party to the system and we never will be. “

The long closing speech of the Évora convention was replaced by ephemeral statements on the stage and the guests of the PSD, CDS, IL and the representative of the Civil House of Marcelo, ended up passing the afternoon between the terraces of the farm and the living room, but without there being a traditional end to the convention.

Instead of the convention that should be his praise, after the election two weeks ago by 99% of the activist vote, Ventura ended up being involved in internal power struggles – because “he already feels the power in. Chega and, internal problems will continue, ”a district official warned on Saturday evening. In the confusion, Ventura’s motion was never passed.

Ventura’s difficulty in approving his list will be, among other things, the emergence of internal factions that have formed as councils and districts have been created. In addition, he succeeded in getting the delegates to approve, by more than 90% of the votes, his proposals for amendments to the statutes which imply a strengthening of his powers and an increase in his trusted teams, including the most controversial on Youth Arrives and counties. In the case of municipal branches, it is established that they are appointed by the district political commissions. And the leadership of Chega Youth will be appointed by the national leadership – and not elected as some have wanted – the way Ventura should try to control the entry of extremist militants. Under him are also the National Political Commission, a new advisory body and the new posts of Secretary General and Deputy Secretary General.

The list has not moved

After Ventura’s list received, first, 193 votes against and 183 for, obtaining 69 votes out of the necessary two-thirds, the second vote had already obtained 219 “yes” votes and only 121 “no” votes, but eight were still missing. . In the third vote, the list of the new national council of Chega obtained 247 votes in favor of the 273 delegates who resisted until 7:30 p.m. to vote. There was also a blank vote and 25 against.

Of the 510 registered delegates, they voted only, first 378, then 340, and finally only 273. The electoral regulations of the national authorities stipulate that “to be regularly elected, the list at the national office must be approved by at at least 2/3 of the delegates to the convention. national “. This formulation leaves doubts as to whether they are the voting delegates in each election or the delegates registered at the convention. If this was the last literal interpretation, André Ventura would need minus 340 votes in favor. The PUBLIC confronted the vice-president of Chega Nuno Afonso and the president of the judicial council, Fernanda Marques Lopes, on the wording of the regulation. Both affirmed their ignorance and admitted that the text is silent on the meaning The exact number required The president of the convention, Luís Filipe Graça, insisted on the fact that the regulations clearly indicate that this qualified majority relates to the voters.

The list maintains as vice-presidents Diogo Pacheco de Amorim (the party ideologue and who will replace Ventura in Parliament during the presidential campaign), Nuno Afonso (who was the first and changes places with Amorim, who intensifies the hierarchy) and José Dias (president of the PSP Technical Union) who moved up to fourth place. Because the third is the academic Gabriel Mithá Ribeiro; fifth, the diplomat António Tanger Correia. As the first two members – Ricardo Regalla and Lucinda Ribeiro – and Salvador Posser de Andrade and Joaquim Chilrito ​​remain, Rita Matias, Pedro Frazão (veterinarian), Patrícia Sousa Uva (fifth in the list of legislators in Lisbon), Tiago Sousa Dias (was candidate of the Alliance for the Circle outside Europe), Fernando Gonçalves (coordinator of Chega na Madeira) and Rui Paulo Sousa (who entered the second vote, after the PPV had abdicated a seat).

Due to the party’s growth, Ventura expanded the team of vice presidents (two more) and members (doubling from four to eight) and created the positions of general secretary and deputy general secretary.

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During the convention, voices critical of the jurisdictional council took to the stage because of decisions concerning the acceptance of electoral lists, the resolution of conflicts between activists or the delay in responding to others. But there were also those who disagreed with certain measures such as how to select councils, their relationship with the district, whether or not there is a youth agency. The dissatisfaction was expressed in several motions, which were, for the most part, defeated. There were also speeches calling for the union and other (much) more fiery defenses and apologies for André Ventura, calling for an end to “complaints and complaints” and for activists to “work more for the party instead. “. “.

The most obvious cases of conflict are those in the district of Leiria and Porto. Former and current leaders have taken the stage to criticize each other and criticize the functioning of the party. There were several attacks against the national court of jurisdiction, motions of mistrust of the president and proposing the election of a new composition. The president was criticized in several speeches. Until Saturday night, during the period of intervention, she took the stage to say that those who attacked her are people awaiting court decisions. “As long as I’m president, it won’t be the bucket party.”

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