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Seniors and health centers

I intend to express my indignation at the current situation of the country’s medical services, in particular the health center that I know, located in Sacavém. The only way to contact the center has been by e-mail for several months (the phone has gone unanswered for a long time). Now my dad is 89 and naturally grieved by the pandemic and since he doesn’t have a computer he constantly tries to be observed in person which has proven to be impossible. I understand the difficulties of doctors, but the ostracism to which they are subjected is unbearable for the elderly. This fact forced me to take my father twice to the emergency room of the hospital in S. José, with all the risks that such a trip involves. Finally, the emails that I now send on behalf of my father to the health center have an automatic response: “There are a lot of them and it is not possible to predict the contact deadline!” Has anyone thought about what this really means for the elderly in this country who feel left behind?

António Oliveira, Lisbon

Little dictators

Some mayors have decided to be epidemiologists and not only recommend wearing a mask in the street, but also ask the government to make it a “legal obligation”. These little dictators want to enact their own restrictive rules under the pretext of protecting public health and forgetting about non-covid patients, they don’t care if their residents already have access to the millions of face-to-face consultations that don’t. been carried out in the centers. local health, examinations, hospitalizations, more than a million unperformed hospital consultations and 100,000 unrealized surgeries. Find out beforehand the number of people who die every day from other pathologies due to resources diverted by the pandemic that many bosses insist on turning into pandemonium of fear.

Emanuel Caetano, Ermesinde

(Dis) honor commission

It is difficult to understand that António Costa, Prime Minister of Portugal, agreed to be part of the honorary committee of Luís Filipe Vieira’s candidacy for the presidency of Benfica, as if the countless scandals involving politicians in 45 years of democracy had not arrived. Either Costa’s benfiquismo is immense, or Vieira’s persuasive power is endless. “As if you didn’t want it,” the Benfica chairman showed that honor commissions are an entry and exit without a hint of shame. The faulty allocation of resources to the Lisbon Court of Appeal is a reminder of the countless cases of erroneous results in sport-king. If Luís Filipe Vieira is convicted in Operation Lex, does Costa also leave the government?

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Ademar Costa, Póvoa de Varzim


An error in Public Space in Saturday’s edition led us to change the order of the arrows in the text on the withdrawal of the acting head of state from Bolivia to move forward with a presidential candidacy. Jeanine Añez appears there going up, when she should be going down.

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