Violent criticism of Lindner after Herrenwitz: FDP boss apologizes to Linda Teuteberg – Politics

FDP leader Christian Lindner regretted a comment to previous Secretary General Linda Teuteberg, who some say was sexist. He only wanted to loosen the situation at the federal party conference in Berlin, Lindner said on Monday in the RTL / ntv “early start”. “I’m very sorry.”

The comment was made in free speech, Lindner emphasized. It was then picked up and misunderstood – “an unsuccessful formulation that has led to all kinds of speculation.” If Teuteberg or others feel “complained” about this, he apologizes.

As part of Teuteberg’s departure, Lindner said in his speech on Saturday, “I like to think about it, Linda, that in the last 15 months we’ve started the day about 300 times, about 300 times together. In response to the laughter in the room, he continued, “I’m talking about our daily morning phone call about the political situation. Not what you think now. ”

He didn’t want to joke to a woman, Lindner said now. That was not his intention. However, in free speech such as his, one cannot ‘reject’ every formulation in advance.

The scene subsequently drew criticism on Twitter. For example, CDU MP Matthias Hauer wrote there, referring to the motto of the FDP party congress: “#MissionAltherrenwitz instead of #Mission Aufbruch.”

Green politician Renate Künast wrote on Twitter “Is that terrible?” Anna Peters, federal spokeswoman for the Green Youth, accused Lindner of “chauvinism par excellence”. Konstantin von Notz, member of the Green Party, wrote: It is better not to joke than to joke unjustly. An allusion to Lindner’s rejection of a Jamaica coalition.

As early as the weekend, Lindner asked for pampering on Twitter and spoke of misleading wording. I ask for your patience: “Mentioning the morning conference with the Secretary General was no joke – the occasional laugh irritated me,” he wrote. So it was just a misleading expression. Once on Twitter, when in doubt, please for the accused. “

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