Covid19. Angolan federation denies freezing of FIFA funds in commercial bank – Observer

The Angolan Football Federation (FAF) assured on Monday that financial support from FIFA to mitigate the effects of Covid-19 will be distributed when “the technical problems will be overcome” and that the amount “is not frozen” in a Angolan bank.

According to the Angolan press, the FAF has received one million dollars, which should be distributed among the various affiliates, for the development of women’s football and the acquisition of biosecurity equipment.

In a press release sent to Lusa on Monday, the organization denied “the hypothetical freezing of FIFA funds by the Angolan bank Sol, for an alleged debt contracted by the federation with the banking unit”.

The FAF guarantees that this information is “false”, specifying that it aims “only to tarnish the image of the institution and the good reputation of its members”.

The outgoing FAF leadership strongly rejects such acts and will work with the judicial authorities to hold the perpetrators criminally responsible, ”the document said.

According to the Angolan Football Federation, which “reassures the beneficiaries, as soon as the technical problems related to the compliance of the correspondent bank are overcome, the allocation of sums to the respective beneficiaries will begin”.

Angola, which has been in a state of public calamity since May 26, currently has 3,991 positive cases of Covid-19, with 2,394 active, 152 deaths and 1,445 recovered.

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