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Bolhão’s completion date is not yet certain, but if all goes according to plan, the new traders should have the spaces allocated by April of next year. The “pre-qualification competition” for the allocation of 60 vacant places will start on October 6 and those interested will be submitted to three phases. The rents of new traders have a minimum ceiling defined by the municipality and the final value will be fixed by public auction: the space with the one offering the highest value remains.

Cátia Meirinhos, administrator of the municipal company GO Porto, went to the chamber meeting on Monday to present to the councilors the conditions defined for the competitions and what the municipality called “Abanca-te no Bolhão”, a campaign with already several muppies around the city and who wants to captivate new traders for the historic market.

New tenants have 42 free booths (with 20-year user licenses, renewable for equal periods), six restaurants (with a 12-year user contract, renewable for eight periods) and 12 stores ( with a six-year lease), renewable for periods of four). For each newsstand, restaurant and store, product categories have been defined that could be marketed, seeking the municipality to increase the available supply and maintain competition, explained Cátia Meirinhos.

The works in Bolhão will “slightly” increase the capacity of the market, which will have more places, and, if all the vacancies are filled, it will mean a “significant” increase in the number of existing traders when the market closes for the works, in particular. May 2018. In total, Bolhão will have 150 places.

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The new traders will have higher incomes than the “historical” ones, who will keep the same incomes, explained Rui Moreira in the face of the question of the socialist adviser Odete Patrício. For the older ones, a “non-commercial price” has been defined by “political decision”, while the new ones will be subject to “market and competitive conditions”. The stands have a minimum price of 16 euros per square meter, restaurants 12 euros per square meter and shops, facing the outside, 50 euros per square meter. Each merchant can have, at most, one type of space.

The presentation of these new spaces that will go to the competition “dispels the suspicions” raised in “social networks” that Bolhão could receive spaces such as supermarkets, underlined the mayor.

The works initially had an estimated duration of two years, with May 2020 being indicated as the end. This deadline was, in December 2019, extended by one year, because it is necessary to change the “construction method” previously defined. In June, in an interview with Antena 1, Rui Moreira admitted that the need to validate this constructive method by the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage and Pandemic could further delay the contract, but he was confident in the opening of the market. before the municipal elections, to be held in October 2021.

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