“This is an extraordinary victory”: the leftist candidate calls himself the electoral winner in Tuscany – politics

In the regional elections in Tuscany, which were followed with excitement across Italy, the leftist candidate declared himself the winner. “This is an extraordinary victory,” said Eugenio Giani of the left-liberal Democratic Party (PD) Monday night. According to media reports, his strongest opponent, MEP Susanna Ceccardi of the right-wing League, admitted her defeat and congratulated Giani via text message.

Ceccardi in her text urged Giani to “rule for the good of the people of Tuscany”. The region has been a stronghold of the left for decades. However, the election campaign sparked a neck-and-neck race between Giani and Ceccardi, making Tuscany the center of attention in the regional elections.

Had the decades-long stronghold of the left actually been conquered by the right-wing extremist League, it would likely have sparked a political earthquake in the capital, Rome: the vote was taken by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte as the first vote test for the center-left government since the beginning of the government considered in Rome. Corona crisis and the accompanying months of strict curfew with serious consequences for the economy.

The regional elections were also seen as determining the further political fate of the radical right-wing Lega boss and ex-Interior Minister Matteo Salvini: he hoped for victories in different regions to consolidate his position as a leader of the right – defeats were seen as possible arguments for his opponents for one Fall.

In addition to Tuscany, there were also voices in Campania, Liguria, Marche, Apulia, Valle d’Aosta and Veneto on Sunday and Monday. (AFP)

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