Portuguese woman dies in hospital after assault in South Africa – Observador

A 63-year-old Portuguese woman was violently assaulted in an armed robbery at her home in northern KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, eventually dying in hospital, Portugal’s honorary consul in Durban said on Monday .

According to Elias de Sousa, “several people assaulted the house” of the woman, who was raped, and was still taken alive to the hospital, where she ultimately died. The honorary consul told Lusa agency that the crime took place last week and the Portuguese citizen died on Saturday.

Portugal’s honorary consul in Durban explained that the victim, Filomena Santos, resided in Vryheid, a small mining town about 350 kilometers north of Durban, the capital of the coastal province of KwaZulu-Natal.

In the past, there were Portuguese there, recently there are very few and hence the difficulty of receiving the news ”, he underlined.

According to Elias de Sousa, the victim’s family was born in Leiria, in the central region of Portugal, as also revealed by Jornal da Madeira, who put forward the news “The parents were from Leiria and he is very natural that [Filomena Santos] was born here [na África do Sul]”He said, adding that Filomena Santos and her mother” are registered here at the Consulate in Durban “.

The honorary consul admitted that “the biggest concern at the moment is the funeral” of the woman, who “lived alone” and with “many difficulties”.

“Two ladies who came here to the consulate regretted the fact that they knew you needed help, but did not want to receive anything from the Portuguese community,” Elias de Sousa said.

Contacted by Lusa, the commander of the Vryheid police station, BB Ndlovu, said on Monday that he had no record of the crime. “I am not aware of the event, it was not reported to our police station,” the South African police officer told Lusa.

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