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Constitutional in Coimbra

The proposal has now emerged to move the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Administrative Court to Coimbra. Here is an idea for no reason. In all countries, constitutional courts or equivalent tribunals are located in their respective capitals, alongside political organs of the state.

It is only in Germany that the Constitutional Court functions in Karlsruhe, as it was established in the days of West Germany, which had Bonn as its provisional political capital. And, in any case, you cannot compare a federal state like Germany with a unitary state like Portugal.

Not all the presidents of the Constitutional Court have been professors at the University of Coimbra.

Jorge Miranda, constitutional expert

The euro of our nightmares

Ricardo Cabral (PUBLIC of September 21) is right to point out that the analysis of a growing number of economists on the unsustainability of the euro in the current (budgetary, institutional and political) framework of the European Union leads to the adoption of incoherent positions in terms of defining budgetary and monetary policies at European level. But it is a problem known for thirty years, as explained in 1992 the Nobel laureate of economics Maurice Allais about the project of economic and monetary union. If the European recovery plan is positive, it will not substantially change the situation, and the new multiannual financial framework 2021-2027 will represent yet another cosmetic exercise and not the deep surgery that the European Union needs to move forward towards true convergence of his savings.

Mário Rui Martins, Matosinhos

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Euro, fear and scruples

One word from each of the three articles to compose a title. Will I be successful? Everyone from yesterday’s audience, namely: “The euro of our dreams?” (Ricardo Cabral), “Capitalism, Democracy and Morality” (José Veiga Sarmento) and “American Polarization: To Have Scruples or Not” (Rui Tavares), respectively. In the first, the author “exorcises” the euro, “oddly” joining a Dutch falcon (ambivalent here), which even led me to think that there were typographical errors. But what stands out is the excerpt in which he talks about the Portuguese elites who defend foreign interests, ask me if this is not the famous statute? In the second, with a very well done analysis, I would prefer to substitute “moral” for “ethics” and, above all, I would not positively value “fear”, because there are those who say that it is the real antonym of “ love ”to generate hatred usually seen as such. Finally, in the third, I don’t think you should call it “unscrupulous,” which the author almost suggests to American Democrats to use, as it would only be political art that contradicts the absence of sayings. – yes – at Trump and Mitch McConnell, Republicans, with the appointment of a new Supreme Court justice.

Fernando Cardoso Rodrigues, Porto

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