Susana Henriques: how to win the “darling” of physical exercise? | Vitamin P Podcast

In the second episode of the Vitamina P podcast, journalist Karla Pequenino chats with crossfit instructor and personal trainer Susana Henriques.

In 2011, she became known as one of the first participants in the Peso Pesado program, at SIC. At the time, I weighed 170 kilos. Almost ten years later, 100 pounds lighter, Susana is a force of nature to inspire healthier habits, sharing personal accomplishments and those of the people she helps form on Instagram.

In this conversation, enjoying a lunch break right after training with the students, Susana talks about her own story, “pet” exercise, the importance of the nutritionist, and the different ways to guide and to motivate students in crossfit training, where there is always a “way to surpass yourself every day”.

“If Heavy Weight saved my life, crossfit keeps me alive,” against the trainer in this conversation with Vitamina P, where she rules out miraculous recipes and workouts that don’t fit everyone’s profile. “Find whatever you like, whether it’s zumba, biking, running, swimming. Anything that makes you happy. The aim of the training, he emphasizes, is “for people to gain health.”

We also heard from one of Susana’s students, Maria Barros, 22, who started training shortly before giving birth and lost 19 kilos in six months, and who tells us how she kept her motivation to practice. We can put forward one of the tips: “Don’t impose deadlines”.

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