75th anniversary of the United Nations: Merkel calls for unity and UN reform – politics

On the 75th anniversary of the United Nations (UN), Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) vowed her unity and readiness for reform. “Ultimately, the United Nations can only be as good as its members agree,” Merkel said in a video message Monday evening at the UN anniversary ceremony in New York. “Too often the UN Security Council is blocked when it comes to clear decisions. We need reforms. “The UN should develop further to meet the global challenges of the 21st century.

Merkel went hard with blockers in the UN. She did not name countries like Russia and China, as did US President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly favored national solo efforts over international conflict resolution.

Too often, “the United Nations has to fall short of its ideals because the interests of its individual members keep the regulatory system from functioning properly,” added Merkel. “But anyone who thinks they can do it better alone is wrong. Our well-being is divided. And so is our suffering. We are one world. “

The corona pandemic is an example of “that global issues across national boundaries and at all levels require understanding and cooperation,” Merkel said. Even with the most difficult security challenges unfolding in Libya or the “tragedy in Syria, despite all the setbacks, everything must be done to find common and lasting answers”. Germany is ready to continue to shoulder its responsibility “, including in an enlarged Security Council,” said the Chancellor in view of reforming the UN and its most powerful body.

Merkel praised the United Nations’ work in building peace, for example in Afghanistan and Mali, as well as its involvement in the prosecution of war crimes, the fight against poverty and the eradication of smallpox. (dpa)

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