“Couldn’t have him as president”: Trump threatens to issue warrant that would prevent Biden’s election – politics

Donald Trump has again speculated about manipulation of the US election in early November. After talking about a third term in the White House – only two are allowed in the US – he was now talking about a decree to prevent Joe Biden from being elected president at a performance in North Carolina. could be.

Literally Trump said, “Maybe I’ll sign a decree so you can’t have him as your president.” Trump also spoke of the case of a loss in the vote. “If I lose to him (Biden), I don’t know what I’ll do. I’ll never talk to you again, you’ll never see me again.”

Trump had left it open in recent weeks whether he would accept an election defeat. “I have to see that,” he replied in an interview.

Trump further insulted Biden as “the stupidest of all candidates.” In addition, Trump reiterated his charge that Biden was artificially kept fit with drugs. “You give him a big fat shot in the A **** and he’s fit for two hours again.”

Trump also spoke out for a drug test ahead of the first TV game, which will take place next Tuesday, Sept. 29 in Cleveland, Ohio. FoxNews broadcasts the 90 minutes.

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Trump also announced that he would like to send a woman to the Supreme Court to succeed the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The reason: “I think it should be a woman, because I actually love women more than men.” Trump wants to present his candidate on Friday or Saturday.

his performance at the airport in North Carolina marks a further tightening of rhetoric in the election campaign. So far, Trump has brought this strategy into the polls some positives. It is USA-wide, but it is also far behind in some important swing states. (Teaspoon)

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