Explosive device kills seven people in central Mozambique – Observe

Seven people died from an explosive device explosion in Zambezia province in central Mozambique, a police source in Lusa said on Tuesday.

“The victims took the device on the 14th, while practicing poaching, took it to a residential area and tried to open it with a key when it exploded,” said Sidner Lonzo, spokesperson. of the Republic of Mozambique Police (PRM). , in Zambezia.

According to Sidner Lonzo, the “blow” applied to try to open the mill triggered it and caused the explosion, which “instantly killed the seven people who were around”. The group of seven men belonged to the same community in the district of Pebane, in the province of Zambezia. Police do not know the type of device, but said investigations are underway. “We have sent our experts to find out in detail what will happen and to identify the type of explosive device,” concluded the spokesperson for the PRM.

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