Sociopolitics yesterday: Friedrich Merz’s statements have a sad tradition – politics

Almost exactly a year ago, Friedrich Merz exercised humility for a short time. On the German Young Union Day in Saarbrücken, he took shelter of the shaky CDU leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer.

“I would have made mistakes too, maybe different, maybe more difficult,” Merz shouted to his young fans. “No,” came the sound from the room. “Yes, yes, yes,” said Merz. He now knows: that’s right. It’s just that they aren’t even others. Even the man who wants to become CDU boss first and then chancellor presents himself from yesterday’s sociopolitical perspective.

According to the traditional view of the political landscape, he doesn’t really care. Merz started off as an offensive opponent of Angela Merkel’s CDU on the first attempt to get back to the top of his resume crowning.

His supporters praised him for derogatory comments about Merkel’s modernization course. They hoped and still hope for a conservative rollback – an end to gender, back to the old family image. The fact that her hero no longer dares to approach the Corona folk heroine in the chancellery is only a tactical concession in these circles.

The only problem is that the traditional view doesn’t work that way anymore. The failed party leader can tell a lot about it. In Kramp-Karrenbauer’s brief tenure, two missteps stand out: the carnival joke about the third gender and the clumsy response to the Youtuber Rezo’s climate challenge.

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In both cases, criticism of the Saarland woman came from the left. Still, she eventually had to turn around. Because there was not even a meaningful solidarity movement within their own party.

Part of that was because the Conservatives still resented her victory over Merz. But there was also the fact that besides perhaps the Ultras of the Union of Values, no one in the CDU wanted to be caught openly fighting for their freedom to use the old man’s judgment.

“Cold shower” for lesbians and gays in the CDU

Merz currently has the same experience. That he only needed half a sentence in his’ photo ‘conversation from the gay chancellor to the child molester (‘ As long as this is within the framework of the law and as long as it does not affect children – at this point, however, there is an absolute limit to reached me – that is, not a subject for public discussion. ”), met with criticism, especially from political opponents. But there was also a headwind from their own party.

Jens Spahn’s answer – “Well, if the first association with homosexuality is legal questions or pedophilia, you should rather put it to Friedrich Merz” – received a lot of applause from the gay health minister.

The chairman of the Lesbian and Gay Union (LSU), Alexander Vogt, became even more clear: he was extremely irritated that Merz was creating the “repeatedly established, but nonexistent, connection between homosexuality and pedophilia.” To the LSU, which steadfastly fights this suspicion, Merz’s statement is like a “cold shower.”

The candidate tried his hand at forward defense: this was a “maliciously constructed context that does not appear in any of my utterances,” he claimed in the “World”. How one could understand the relationship differently, however, could not be deduced from the conceptual interview.

He is biased

To make matters worse, Merz has been taxed. His comments on Klaus Wowereit’s outing (“As long as Wowereit doesn’t approach me, I don’t care”) came from the same mindset; later he assured him that at the time he would no longer make the ‘humorous’ saying.

But even the remark shortly after Kramp-Karrenbauer’s retirement that it was pure coincidence “that lows currently have women’s names” is only considered a successful joke at the Sauerland shooting festivals.

As now, no one has jumped next to him in public. He certainly did not receive open applause.

Criticism up to the “NZZ”

On the contrary – even from a completely unknown side there is harsh criticism. The Neue Zürcher Zeitung is considered a journalistic supporter of the conservatives in the Union. But this time, the Swiss newspaper refuses to help. Merz is “rightly” criticized. His association is not only dusty.

“It is one of the reasons there are still people, and also in liberal societies, who dare to put same-sex loved ones under general suspicion as ‘child molesters’, insult them and physically assault them,” the paper wrote. The author came to a devastating conclusion: “If Merz not only tolerated but also asked people with the other ‘life plans’ in his environment, he would know.”

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