Ethics Council decision: a smart no to proof of immunity – politics

Caution has prevailed. The Ethics Council provisionally discourages proof of immunity. He shows caution and emphasizes that the smart guidelines for dealing with the pandemic – consideration and proportionality – are not empty words. You are the right answer to reality.

A reality in which a virus has destroyed all certainties with unpredictable force. Right and wrong are relative, the coordinates are constantly changing. The Ethics Council, like many parts of society, is divided. “We really struggled,” said the chairman. Despite the differing opinions, the result was great common sense.

The Ethics Council did not want to give the green light for evidence that could do more harm than good. Instead, he called for more clarification on antibody testing. Highlighted the special needs in retirement and nursing homes. The signal: there is room for maneuver outside the extra bureaucracy. A smart approach.

Too complex a state of affairs

And the words of the Ethics Council are nothing short of favorable in a polarized world where seemingly omniscient people exchange murderous arguments in 280 Twitter characters. “The course of events is more complex than we imagined,” the committee admits. And emphasizes the “deep ethical conflict” that the crisis is bringing.

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This conflict between the protection of life and the limitation of fundamental rights persists. Big and small things will have to be weighed again and again. Because even an immunity card wouldn’t relieve anyone from wearing a mask or keeping their distance.

Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn has proved wise with the decision to let the Ethics Council develop a political basis for argumentation. Because, as they emphasize, the experts are not creating a track that leaves politicians “just running like a locomotive”. You determine the course. And turnouts can be changed if the path you chose turns out to be wrong. With this result, the Ethics Council did justice to reality.

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