Boris calls on British ‘spirit of unity’ to overcome winter – Observe

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson today called for the British ‘spirit of unity’ during the winter, in a speech in which he announced new restrictions aimed at controlling a new peak in case of infection with the novel coronavirus.

Johnson has warned that the new restrictions on the lives of Britons could last for six months, but expressed hope that “things will be much better in the spring” when a vaccine is ready and the population is tested en masse.

One of the restrictions with greater visibility is related to the new closing times of pubs, restaurants and other places of entertainment: from Thursday they will have to close at 10 p.m. Johnson also shuddered at previous statements and today he called on people to work from home whenever possible.

However, Johnson has also promised a heavy hand – in the form of heavy fines – to anyone who does not follow the new guidelines, including those who violate the quarantine rule or towns of more than six people. The use of the mask will be mandatory for taxi passengers and for staff serving in bars and serving in shops.

If people do not comply with these new restrictions, Johnson said, the government could enforce further restrictions in the coming weeks. “If we follow these simple rules together, we will overcome winter together,” Boris said.

“But the time has come to invoke the discipline, determination and spirit of unity that will bring us through” the situation.

In a speech that winked at the British spirit of World War II – and in some passages recalled the words of Winston Churchill – Johnson said: “Never in our history our collective destiny and our health collective did not depend so completely on our individual behavior ”.

At the time of the Battle of Britain in 1940, Winston Churchill used the famous phrase about British pilots: “Never have so much owed so little”.

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