Government “ready” to extend bank defaults and launch new lines of credit | Coronavirus

The Minister of Economy and Digital Transition, Pedro Siza Vieira, said on Tuesday in an interview with TVI that the government is ready to extend bank moratoria, as well as to launch new lines of credit.

“We are ready to extend bank defaults, we are ready to relax our support for the gradual recovery and we are ready to launch new lines of credit,” said Siza Vieira, in an interview on the stimulus plan economy of the country.

The minister devalued the concerns of the social partners, who say they are under-represented in the recovery and resilience plan, saying that one of the government’s priorities is to support businesses in such an “unfavorable” period.

For the minister, the efforts made so far by companies will not be in vain. “We have a very important set of funds in the business recovery plan. We will have capitalization instruments for companies and we will count on the operation of the new Banco de Fomento, which will be available not only to support the capitalization of companies, but also to grant loans to investments to modernize our economy ”, he added. -he declares.

European funds are not a “bag of money”

Regarding the use of European Union money to support countries in their efforts to overcome the crisis caused by the pandemic, the minister said the most important thing is to be transparent and accountable and to d ” invest in the recovery and reform of the economy.

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After the application of European funds, Siza Vieira hopes to see Portuguese society “more inclusive and fairer”. The minister wants to see the objectives of digitization and decarbonization of the economy achieved in nine years. The biggest challenge, he believes, will be to modernize justice and public administration, which he considers “in the twentieth century” with regard to digital.

Pedro Siza Vieira also recalled that there are rules that the country will have to respect to apply European funds. “It’s not a bag of money that we can do whatever we want,” he warned. “In the best years, we spent 3,000 million euros on European fund projects. Now we’re going to have to manage $ 6,000 million in the first six years. “

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