Facebook promises to restrict users if US vote creates chaos | USA Elections 2020

Facebook is prepared to temporarily restrict the flow of content and information on its platform if the ongoing election campaign in the United States results in acts of violence or chaos.

The information was released on Monday by Nick Clegg, the vice president responsible for communications and global social media issues in an interview with the Financial Times. According to Clegg, who is one of several multinational vice presidents, the group has developed a plan to manage the flow and flow of information in the event of scenarios ranging from social tensions to political conflicts motivated by the outcome of the presidential elections. American. . These are emergency measures, the executive said.

“We have emergency options to deal with chaotic or worse, violent circumstances,” Clegg said. “We have acted aggressively in other parts of the world when we believe there is civic instability, and obviously we have the tools to do it again.”

In the European elections in May 2019, the social network brought together four dozen professionals in Dublin, Ireland, to monitor and block the flow of political disinformation networks. In Burma, to combat hate speech against the Rohingya Muslim minority, Facebook has limited the dissemination of sensational content and reduced the reach of posts from users who often break the rules. In some cases, however, the restrictions have ended up silencing ethnic minority users.

Clegg declined to detail plans underway in the United States to avoid giving too much information to malicious actors, but added that the social network is investing “considerable resources” in preparations for the election period. Facebook will have a sort of virtual war room – dubbed the “Election Operations Center” – to monitor suspicious activity around the elections (for example, questionable news and posts encouraging violence) and an “Election Center”. voters ”, which will show credible election results.

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Posts announcing the victory of one of the candidates prematurely will be captioned with warnings about the unreliability of the information.

Facebook’s preparations for the US election come at a time when social media ‘giants’ are under pressure to ensure they are not a vehicle for mass disinformation, after warnings following the US election of 2016 or the UK referendum on Brexit, the same year.

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