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CCDR elections: a shame

If what I have heard and read in the media is true, I feel deeply uncomfortable, not to say indignant, with the undemocratic process of electing (or appointing!) CCDR presidents.

From the news that reached me, it seems that this is the case: the leader of the largest party says to the second: “Look, in the regions such and such and such I indicate who is going to chair the CCDR and in the regions. other regions that you indicate !!! ” And the little shame is so great that they go so far as to say that it is a truly democratic election because it results from the votes of the mayors of the region. Making noise with mayors in this electoral farce makes me shudder even more.

The mayors, democratically elected by the voters of their parish or municipality, will they feel comfortable aligning themselves in this farce? It is now the second time that the leaders of the two largest parties have joined forces to make the creation of genuine administrative regions more difficult and credible.

Acácio Monteiro Alferes, Évora

Chega’s proposals

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Chega did an incredible semi-public vote on the amputation of some female ovaries. As I think he has already defended – or defends – the chemical castration of certain men. In light of the human rights upheld by our rule of law, is it not a question of public crime? If so, the prosecution should call and investigate Deputy Ventura (do you have immunity?) And the others who agreed to vote and voted, back and forth, in fact, which I think be a public crime. If it’s not a public crime, it should be. I give it and I do not even speak, to save time for myself and for the readers of the PUBLIC, that the Portuguese of the Chega party, even if only with a minimum of education and cultural solidarity received from Portuguese public education, nourish such instincts, have such thoughts.

José Elias de Freitas, Lisbon

A 2 instead of the triple
Using sporting language, always popular and easy to perceive, Jerónimo de Sousa says that his succession to the PCP is a triple. However, I have a different prognosis – I think it’s a 2 and very clear.
At 73 years old and the PCP’s electoral score of around five, six percent, I think Jerónimo de Sousa’s departure is inevitable. I know that Álvaro Cunhal led the Communists at an old age, but it was as if he was a God, and the current Secretary General does not have that mythical side.
In addition, BE, in electoral terms, has almost twice the PCP in the polls, which further advises the surrender of Jerónimo de Sousa.
The aggiornamento of the Communists would be useful, not only for the party, but especially for the country, and I believe that “the machine” will not be in question, whatever the leader. Bernardino Soares, João Ferreira and João Oliveira are the most credible hypotheses to access the leadership of the Communists. Only here would the triple be necessary. But sometimes PCP usually comes out “rabbits out of the hat” and there may be some surprise. The unpredictability of politics is always great.
Simões Ilharco, Lisbon

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