Full recovery possible: Kremlin critic Navalny released from hospital treatment – politics

Poisoned Kremlin critic Navalny was released from clinical treatment at the Charité in Berlin on Tuesday. The clinic announced this on Wednesday.

The health status of the patient has improved to such an extent that the acute medical treatment could be terminated. This is evident from a press release from the Charité. The treating physicians considered a full recovery possible based on the previous course and the patient’s current condition. “Any long-term consequences of the severe poisoning can only be assessed later,” it says.

The public health announcement was made in consultation with him and his wife. Navalny was treated in the Charité for a total of 32 days, of which 24 days in an intensive care unit.

A few days ago, Navalny had already spoken on the social network Instagram. The photo he published showed him climbing stairs in the Charité. In the post, he described his recovery process.

There are still many problems to solve, the 44-year-old wrote, but “the great doctors” at the Charité “have solved the main problem”. They would have turned him from a ‘technically living person’ to someone who had every chance ‘to become the highest form of existence in modern society again – a person who can quickly scroll through Instagram and understand without hesitation where he is going. must be Likes posted “.

Navalny had collapsed on August 20 during a flight from Tomsk in Siberia to Moscow and two days later, at the insistence of his family and supporters, he was taken to Berlin University Hospital Charité for treatment. The 44-year-old is now regaining consciousness and healing.

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According to the federal government, the opposition was “undoubtedly” poisoned with a chemical nerve agent from the Novitschok group developed in the former Soviet Union. Moscow rejects the suspicion that Russian government agencies deliberately poisoned Navalny.

On Tuesday, the day he was released from inpatient treatment, Navalny commented on Russia’s role via Instagram – mocking Russian President Putin. He claimed it was possible that Navalny had swallowed the poison himself. “Good version”, Navalny writes. “I think that needs to be examined very carefully.”

Then Navalny continues the theory full of sarcasm: “I cooked ‘Novitschok’ in the kitchen and took a sip from a bottle on the plane. Then I fell into a coma. Before that, my wife, friends and colleagues agreed that they would not allow the Ministry of Health to insist that they take me to Germany for treatment. ”

Dying in a hospital in Omsk and ending up in a morgue where the cause of death would be ‘sufficiently lived’ – “that was the ultimate goal of my devious plan. But Putin saw through me. He just can’t be fooled. As a result, he was in a coma “like a fool” for 18 days, but failed to achieve his goal. “The provocation has failed!” (Tsp)

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