The head of the JSD wants a right-wing bloc in the municipalities of 2021 | Local

Less than two months after being elected head of the JSD, at a congress at the end of July, Alexandre Poço calls on the leaders of three right-wing parties: the young man wants the PSD, the CDS and the Liberal Initiative to join to a grand national coalition from the next municipal elections. The challenge was launched by an open letter published Wednesday in the newspaper i.

“This agreement, which I am proposing and for which I will fight within my party, considers the next municipal elections to be the first – and therefore the most fundamental – elections in which we are at stake in an extreme, populist and dangerous climate” , writes Alexandre Poço.

The leader of the Orange youth is concerned about the “accelerated change in which the Portuguese party system finds itself” allowing for extreme and populist discussions, in which “whoever shouts the loudest or who insults the opponents the most” prevails.

Alexandre Poço also regrets that common sense and moderation do not have easy days and is attentive to the fact that the populists are gaining strength. “The populists are gaining strength, contaminating the debate with simple and miraculous solutions to complex problems”, defends the Social Democrat.

In leaving Chega, it is clear that these criticisms go directly to the party of André Ventura, with whom Rui Rio also rejected the formation of coalitions on Monday evening, arguing that “no one changes in a year”. The leader of the Social Democrats deviated from the position he had assumed in July, in an interview with RTP3, when he admitted to having “spoken” with Chega, if he was moderate.

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In that same interview, at the SIG Notícias Polígrafo program, the PSD leader resisted comments on the names of local authorities, but ended up praising the political abilities of former CDS-PP leader Paulo Portas, while by ensuring that “nothing is decided” about the party’s candidate for the Lisbon Chamber.

Rio was asked about a proposal launched by former minister Miguel Poiares Maduro, who suggested to the weekly Expresso that PSD and CDS-PP should compete in the capital next year, with Paulo Portas as the candidate. .

“I will not comment on any name for any camera, namely for Porto and Lisbon. The doctor. Paulo Portas is today one of the main politicians and the Portuguese best prepared for the exercise of any public office, ”he declared.

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