Russian opponent Alexei Navalny released from hospital – Observer

Alexei Navalny, Putin’s opponent who was reportedly poisoned with novichok, was released from hospital on Wednesday after several weeks of treatment in Germany, Sky News reported.

In a statement, the Charité Hospital in Berlin said that Russia’s health “has improved enough to no longer receive hospital care”. Doctors believe he will make a full recovery.

Navalny, 44, was hospitalized for 32 days following an illness on a flight to Russia. He was in a Siberian hospital and was transferred to Berlin. German, French and Swedish laboratories have confirmed that the source of the discomfort was poisoning with the same nerve agent, developed in the Soviet Union, used to try to poison Sergei Skripal two years ago.

Russian opponent Alexei Navalny poisoned with Novichok, German government confirms

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