“There is only one candidate who stands up for our values”: The widow of Republican John McCain supports Biden’s politics

The widow of former Republican Senator John McCain has spoken out for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. “There is only one candidate in this race who stands up for our values ​​as a nation and that is Joe Biden,” tweeted Cindy McCain on Tuesday evening (local time).

For her husband, who died in 2018, the country always came first. “We are Republicans, but mostly Americans,” McCain continued.

At the conference of the US Democratic Party in mid-August, the 66-year-old spoke about the unusual friendship between her husband and presidential candidate Joe Biden. Both served together in the Senate for decades before Biden assumed the office of vice president under Barack Obama in 2009.

“Joe and I don’t always agree, and I know he and John have had passionate arguments,” wrote Cindy McCain. But Biden is a good and honest man and will lead the country with dignity.

Biden responded in a tweet: “I am very honored with your support and friendship. This choice is greater than any political party. “

The relationship between McCain and President Donald Trump was considered tense. John McCain was one of Trump’s main internal party critics, running for re-election in early November. The latter had made derogatory remarks about the senator several times. (dpa)

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