Secret operation by controversial head of state: Lukashenko can be sworn in as president of Belarus – Politics

The controversial head of state Alexander Lukashenko was admitted to the presidency of Belarus for the sixth time. The 66-year-old surprisingly took the oath on Wednesday morning.

Lukashenko put his right hand on the constitution and took the oath in Belarusian, state media in Minsk reported. Subsequently, the head of the election commission, Lidija Jermoschine, handed him the official certificate.

Political scientist Valery Karbelevich told the German news agency in Minsk that the inauguration was planned as a covert operation.

Before the inauguration, EU Foreign Affairs Representative Josep Borrell Lukashenko had clearly denied the right to the office of president. It’s a “pseudo-inauguration,” Borrell wrote in a blog post published Tuesday. “Mr. Lukashenko has lost all legitimacy,” he said.

According to the constitution, the inauguration was to take place within two months of the presidential election, no later than October 9. The presidential administration had not announced a date until the end.

The EU did not recognize the August 9 elections. She supports the democracy movement led by the former candidate Svetlana Tichanowskaja. Lukashenko was declared the winner with 80.1 percent of the vote – after 26 years in power. Russia had congratulated him on the victory.

Since the elections, there have been historic mass protests against Lukashenko in Belarus. The democracy movement is demanding his resignation and a new election without his participation. Lukashenko had refused to resign and threatened to use the army to secure power. (dpa)

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