Four monologues from when the world was locked at home | Books

It starts with a lonely man, dressed in pajamas, with a cup of coffee in front of him and a cell phone ready to go. It never hurts to realize that it is an unhurried morning, that it is not asking the body to rejoice with the millions of people who, at the same time, will be in the bustle of indulging. to their routines. From the cell phone, aloud, we hear the recording urging the man to leave a message after the signal. When he begins to speak, it is impossible not to know what is in his soul: ‚ÄúSomething has appeared all over the world. The size of the thing was bigger than anything any of us had known before. It was bigger than a clearing in the forest. Bigger than a bull’s head in the square. Bigger than a Meat Loaf song, than a bounty at the fair, than the month of January. Bigger than Homer’s books. (…) The thing had a name, but we did not see it. The name, it seemed, was dead wrong. It was an unrecognizable word.

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