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How To Maintain A Consistent Exercise Routine

Yes, it is incredibly easy making a resolution on New Year to start exercising

Yes, it is incredibly easy making a resolution on New Year to start exercising. And you might stick to it the first couple of weeks. But why does it seem impossible to maintain the momentum? Because before you know it, you are trading your exercise time for old habits you desperately want to get rid of. According to science, there is a right and wrong way to implement new routines. And here are some suggestions to keep in mind.

Consistent Exercise Routine

Take It One Step At A Time

Always remember to set goals you know you can achieve, regardless of how small they might be. For example, instead of overwhelming yourself with 30 minutes of intense exercise 5 days a week, be more realistic and reduce these numbers. If you set your goals too high, you are more likely to feel discouraged when you don’t achieve them. But if you set realistic goals that are much easier to achieve, you gradually build confidence to keep going. Set yourself up with a great pair of work out shoes like these Gravity Defyer trainers

Set Triggers

Triggers can be very powerful if you want to start and stick with an exercise regime. And research will prove that those who manage to maintain their routine usually depend on triggers to help them. In basic terms, triggers are reminders to put on your trainers and hit the road running. Whether you program a reminder on your phone, set the alarm clock, or you put your gym bag right next to your bed at night, use triggers to help you follow your new resolution.

Keep Up Motivation With Rewards

Everyone can agree that regular exercise comes with several rewards. You will have more energy, you will sleep better, you feel more confident, and you improve your overall quality of life. But these rewards can take time to surface. Which is why you need to get creative and set up immediate rewards to stay focused on the bigger picture. And it does not have to be a big reward. Small things like a special cup of coffee or a small, healthy treat after reaching a goal can work wonders to keep you motivated.

Choose Exercises You Get Excited About

There are many types of exercises you can choose to do, so why pick those that make you feel clumsy or inept? Stay away from activities that ultimately make you dread exercising in the first place. Instead, find activities that get you excited and in the mood to be healthier than yesterday.


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