The historic salt complex of the Cape Verdean island of Sal will be restored and have a museum – Observador

The Cape Verdean Minister of Culture on Wednesday defined the restoration of the industrial salt complex of Pedra de Lume, island of Sal, which provides for a museum dedicated to secular activity, as a “priority” work of the government for the post-pandemic of Covid19.

Abraão Vicente, who is visiting the island of Sal, was this Wednesday in the old salt complex and explained that the whole project for this place is concluded and that the intervention, which will last nine months, foresees a investment of 72 million euros. escudos (650 thousand euros), which will be proposed to be included in the state budget for 2021.

For the Minister of Culture and Creative Industries, Cape Verde “must resume its tourism dynamic before the pandemic” in order to “capitalize, through the Tourism Fund, the investment value for the reconstruction” of the industrial complex and heritage of Salinas de Salinas Pedra de Lume.

The government official guaranteed that the project is already included in the approved package for the requalification, rehabilitation and accessibility (PRRA) program, “of immediate implementation for next year, as one of the priority projects. “.

This will involve “the restoration not only of the cable car circuit, but also of a museum center and a museum linked to the history of Sal,” he said.

The historic activity of the Salt Marshes of Pedra de Lume has been abandoned, with some buildings and the structure of a transport cable car remaining in an advanced state of degradation, but it is still a mandatory stopping point for tourists visiting the Isle.

The saline activity on the island dates back to the 18th century, through the exploitation of sea water which infiltrates through the porous stone of the earth, and which evaporates with the high temperatures recorded there. , a set which, associated with the crater of the island, creates a unique landscape.

The island of Sal – like that of Boa Vista – concentrates tourist demand for the Cape Verde archipelago, but the activity, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, has been stopped since mid-March, with the suspension of international commercial flights.

For Abraão Vicente, the “relaunch” of tourism in these two islands needs “more content and quality of content” in the respective offers, as is the case with the new life to be given to the industrial and heritage complex of Salinas de Pedra de Lume.

The member of the government guaranteed that the ministry is ready to launch the tender work, since all the studies and technical inquiries have been completed, only the respective budget allocation missing.

For Abraão Vicente, this visit to the Pedra de Lume complex served to demonstrate the “need to prioritize this work for the post-Covid”, already included in the state budget for 2021.

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