Questions of the day: Michael Gwisdek is dead and Navalny is leaving Charité – which was important today – politically

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What happened?

What was discussed?

Caricature: Klaus Stuttmann

Can Joe Biden Really Become President of the US? Panic and demonization make Trump strong. It’s time to put an end to the rabbit’s gaze at the snake, says Malte Lehming.

The Ethics Board Decision on Proof of Immunity: The Ethics Board rejects immunity statements for people infected with corona. His arguments are convincing. A comment from Fatima Abbas.

The balance of power in the Catholic Church: The Vatican wants nothing to do with equal rights. But the German bishops could choose a woman as secretary. A start!

The (lack of) European solidarity: whoever sees the empty Corona hospital in Berlin and then the photos from Madrid should know what to do. Europe must take care of the sick of Spain – if necessary in Germany.

What can Tagesspiegel subscribers read?

How tenants from Kreuzberg want to defend their homes: A Scandinavian group wants to buy nearly 4,000 apartments in Berlin. Our author lives in one of them. Here he tells how the neighbors get closer together. And here you can read who the man is who bought all the apartments. Ivar Tollefsen is considered an adventurer, but knows a lot about real estate.

Nikola – a stock that shows how much imagination can be worth in the stock market: the company wanted to unleash a hype like that of Tesla. Now there are allegations of fraud in the form of nepotism. In the end, does the promised product not even exist?

Investing sustainably and safely: since the beginning of September, the federal government has also issued green bonds with negative interest rates. But if you look abroad, you can also hope for returns on green bonds. How green bonds can pay off despite poor interest rates.

“The pain doesn’t care about your sexuality”: Boxing is not for homosexuals. Are you kidding me, are you serious when you say that? In Berlin, there are queer training groups that break the male stigma.

What can we do?

Going to the cinema! Nina Hoss plays a cowgirl with an obsessed child in “Pelikanblut”. The actress tries out white pedagogy – and black magic. Read the review by our film critic Andreas Busche here.

Watch a documentary! A TV documentary chronicles the glamorous and controversial career of Olympic figure skater Katarina Witt. You can view it today at 10.15 pm at Arte or in the media library.

What do I need to know for tomorrow?

Tomorrow evening at 9 p.m. FC Bayern will play for the European Supercup in Budapest against FC Sevilla. The game polarizes less sporty, but because fans from Spain and Germany are allowed to travel to the risk area of ​​Budapest.

Number of the day!

414 – There were objections to the Tesla Gigafactory in Grünheide near Berlin. All Kiritkers gathered today in the town hall of Erkner, employees of Tesla and the state of Brandenburg answered their questions. The Gigafactory for Europe is the largest private investment in the state of Brandenburg since 1990.

I wish you a nice evening!

Benjamin Reuter
Head of Newsroom

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