Covid19. The real pandemic has only just begun, defends German virologist – Observer

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German virologist Christian Drosten, a leading scientist and adviser to the German government on Covid-19 issues, warned on Wednesday that the “real pandemic” of the new coronavirus is only just beginning.

“The real pandemic is coming now. Here too [na Alemanha]. At the most, we can talk about the lessons of the first wave in Europe, ”in which the differences were huge, Drosten stressed in an interview for the World Health Summit (WCS), to be held in Berlin from 25 to 27 of this month in a semi-face-to-face format due to Covid-19.

The German expert recommended that, given the way the first wave was fought, the approach to tackling the pandemic be changed so that the situation can be addressed in the coming months.

“It is very important to inform people well and widely,” said Drosten, who warned of the dangers of politicians using the pandemic in their political messages.

The costs can be high if politicians use the pandemic in their political messages. It’s very complicated and the virus immediately passes the bill. We can see what’s going on in the United States, ”the country with the highest number of Covid-19 cases (nearly 6.9 million) and deaths (200,818), he said. note.

In the coming months, he recommended, and in order to get the situation under control, it is necessary to “change things” and it is also important to take “pragmatic decisions”.

The German specialist relativized the speeches about “German success” in the fight against the pandemic, saying that this was only due to the fact that Germany had reacted four weeks earlier than the other countries.

“We are reacting with exactly the same means. There is nothing in particular that we have done well. We just did it before. This is why we succeeded, ”he declared, denying that the German health authorities work better than the French or that German hospitals are better equipped than the Italians.

If we apply this to what will happen in the fall, then we will have to make it clear that we are still not doing anything better than the others, ”he warned.

Drosten gave as an example the case of Argentina, where the pandemic appeared in winter and, for this reason, it is “very difficult” to control the spread of Covid-19 despite the restrictive measures.

“In Germany we should look much more differently and precisely at what is happening abroad. We have to stop discussing topics like football stadiums, something that is completely fallacious, ”said

On the other hand, Drosten recalled that science currently enjoys “great credibility”, but warned that this could change “at any time”.

“It is only at the end that we will know how science did it, because this pandemic, in the first place, is not a scientific phenomenon, but a natural disaster”, he said observed.

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