Campaign with 22 videos will show Porto “multifaceted and dynamic” | Tourism

Gastronomy, crafts, nightlife, fairs and markets or even “Escondido do Porto”. These are some of the themes that will be the target of your own video in an audiovisual campaign announced by the Municipality of Porto.

A total of 22 videos will be broadcast by the end of the year, to publicize “the multifaceted and vibrant character of Porto”. promote it at local, national and international level ”.

This year, videos dedicated to themes such as architecture, viewpoints, places that gave a film, accommodation, tourist routes, Porto de Tradição shops, street trade and businesses will be launched. .

In 2022, the program will also include events, urban art, outdoors, sports or accessibility and research centers, local filmmakers and producers.

“Promotional videos are irreplaceable tools to create a positive image of destinations, often giving potential tourists the first contact with the place to visit”, estimates the municipality, betting on the old maxim that “a picture is worth more than a thousand words “.

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“Even more”, they say “at a time when tourism must reinvent itself with force, by sharing positive experiences which encourage people to leave their homes and to walk in complete safety”. The autarchical note also underlines that the pandemic has also entered the city’s economy: “it was strongly shaken by the drop in tourism income and all associated activities”. Citing data published by the Councilor for the Economy, Tourism and Trade, Ricardo Valente, the income from the municipal tourist tax has experienced a “drop of more than 80%” in August: this month in 2019 they reached 2.4 million euros, this year they remained for 193 thousand euros.

The campaign follows the first carried out jointly by the Porto Tourism Association and the regional entity Turismo do Porto and in the north of Portugal. “The North Up There”.

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