Marcelo wants OE to be made viable on the left and removes central bloc “not to be a lasting solution” | President

The President of the Republic considers that it is “fundamental” that the State budget (OE) for next year be approved and declared that it is “natural” that it be made possible on the left, on the namely by the “partners” who approved successive budgets during the last legislature, and not by a central bloc solution.

“What is desirable is that there should be a budget in January 2021, it is really very important, and I think that what is natural that is made possible on the left and not by any other solution, because , as you know, my position in terms of the bloc It is essential to consider that this is not a lasting solution, nor a good solution for the balance of the Portuguese political system ”, declared Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

The President of the Republic, who was addressing journalists at the end of a visit he made to Torre dos Clérigos, in Porto, this Wednesday afternoon, insisted that “for Portugal, it is very important that the Budget does not know during the global vote how to put an end to an impracticality ”“ It has to pass ”, reiterated in an allusion to Jerónimo de Sousa who, in an interview with Antena1, admitted to having voted against the next OE.

Marcelo underlined that, for “the balance of the Portuguese political system, it is good that there is a left solution and a right alternative to avoid radicalism and extremism”. On the other hand, he added, what is good about the political system is the idea that, if a solution encounters difficulties, there is another alternative. This is natural, this is what the government said, this is what also results from the Leader of the Opposition so hopefully that will happen and we will have a budget that will come into effect on the 1st January 2021 ”.

On Wednesday, it was learned that the OE would enter parliament on October 12, with its vote usually scheduled for the 28. The final global vote on the document will take place on November 27.

Regarding the initiative of the PSD parliamentary group which intends to ask the Court of Auditors in January to carry out an audit of Novo Banco, Marcelo did not wish to make public his position on the issue. “I’m not talking about concrete issues. Especially since there are other solutions on the table which are linked to Parliament, parliamentary committees of inquiry and other forms of control, it will be yours, the deputies, the Assembly of the Republic. and the Government will reflect and decide ”, he justified.

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The initiative of the now known Social Democratic parliamentary group responds to a demand defended Monday evening by Rui Rio, in an interview with the Polígrafo program of SIC Notícias, when he declared that the state should not put “not a penny more ”in the Novo Banco by not checking“ the current account ”that it has with this institution, while admitting that the contracts must be executed.

Concerning the pandemic which pushed the state deficit in the first half of the year to 5.4%, according to the National Institute of Statistics, the head of state tried to smooth the impact of the figures. “The known figures are lower than the worst forecasts that have been made compared to the first half,” he said, explaining that what happened is that, on the one hand, “there was a stoppage of a good part of the economic activity, and less income, and, on the other hand, much more expenditure, in particular social assistance ”.

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