How to spoof an election in America in plain sight – Observe

In 2016, Trump’s campaign for the presidency of the United States benefited from two factors outside the American electorate: a concerted Russian military intelligence operation with Wikileaks to publish illegally obtained documents, and an intervention in the Web. political and social campaign with a campaign of polarization and disinformation by the Internet Research Agency, based in St. Petersburg. The first was confirmed by Attorney General Robert Mueller and the second was confirmed in a series of reports on Russia’s “active measures” to interfere in the 2016 presidential elections, made public by the US Intelligence Committee. US Senate.

However, these two processes, at election time, were not as clear in terms of application and operation as they would be later. We knew that there was information, even before the election took place, about Moscow’s intentions to harm candidate Clinton and help elect Donald Trump. However, Senate Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell declined to sign a joint statement with the White House publicly disclosing this information. The same McConnell who refuses to pass House of Representatives laws aimed at fighting election interference. After four years, the campaign for Trump’s re-election is expected to go much further. Not only has the candidate’s re-election campaign merged with the US state, but Republicans no longer hide the fact that they are trying to illegally influence the election.

Four examples are paradigmatic of this new way of “preparing” for re-election. These, in addition to other known ones, are applied and refined, such as the redistribution of voters by constituency, the reduction of polling stations in communities with a black or Latin majority, the withdrawal of voters from electoral lists, the introduction of added difficulties to the process of voting with taxes or identification documents.

In the year with a pandemic that left nearly 200,000 dead and more than five million infected, the Trump administration attempted to put a Republican lobbyist at the head of the federal service that has the most effect to ensure that Americans Vote For Safety: Federal Post. Louis DeJoy, the United States Postmaster General, has ordered the removal of machines that separate mail, the collection of mailboxes where ballots can be dropped off, reduction of overtime pay and reduction of collection routes some mail. A series of hearings in the House of Representatives set the postmaster back a bit, but President Trump has already made it known that if he loses to Biden he will question the election results, arguing that the votes by mail were “fraudulent”.

In the Senate, Senators Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs, and Chuck Grassley of Iowa, chairman of the Finance Committee, filtered the information of a Ukrainian lawmaker, Andrii Derkach , which was proved by US Intelligence as an agent of the Kremlin. The information Derkach provided is intended to undermine Joe Biden’s campaign and will lead to a report and possible hearings on “Biden’s ability to be president.” These reports range from a non-existent Ukrainian influence campaign in the 2016 election, to corruption charges involving Biden and his son, Hunter Biden. It should be added that Derkach worked closely with Rudy Guliany, formerly from New York and one of President Trump’s lawyers.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence has informed the House of Representatives that it will not share information on electoral security issues, following the intelligence service announcing that Russia’s electoral interference operations are ending. continue, to which is added the People’s Republic of China and the Islamic Republic of Iran. This prompted Democratic officials in the House of Representatives and the Senate to send a letter to the Director of the FBI, expressing concern that Congress was being targeted by “a concerted international campaign to whitewash and spread disinformation, with the aim of to influence the activity of Congress, public debate and the presidential election ”. Similarly, the Department of Homeland Security concealed in the July report, which sends to regional delegations, that there were “very reliable” warnings that Russia was trying to interfere in the elections. by implying that candidate Biden had “mental problems”. .

Finally, United States Attorney General William Barr appears to be planning an “October surprise” breaking a Justice Department rule not to disclose to the public information about ongoing investigations on the eve of a election (despite former FBI chief James Comey already did so in 2016 about candidate Hillary Clinton). This “surprise” appears to be a “preliminary report” resulting from the investigation by John Durham, US attorney in Connecticut, investigating the origins of the FBI investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election This, despite Michael Horowitz, the Inspector General of the Department of Justice said the investigation was fully justified despite some procedural errors. However, “investigators are still investigating” and the influence of the attorney general to become a political operation seems so obvious that one of the lead investigators, Nora Dannehy, has resigned, allegedly because of this kind of external pressure.

Trump has said he won’t accept the election results if he doesn’t win. In fact, there is a right to govern for another four years, in flagrant violation of the US Constitution, arguing for the existence of a “deep state” – the existence of a shadow government parallel to the elected executive – , to which he resorts every time his actions, or those of his administration, are refused by public officials who have sworn to defend the Constitution. However, it seems that a “deep state” exists. And he’s doing all he can to help re-elect the president.

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