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It’s better later than never

Few are aware of the destruction, almost entirely, of the only Roman metallurgical workshop that existed in the mining region of Aljustrel, in the mines of “Feitais”, and rare in Europe. Something which, in the opinion of the mining company “Almina”, responsible for mining in this place, came from a routine work of regularization and cleaning of the land, adding to ignore the existence of Roman remains. in this location. And this all seems to me to be an unfinished story where there is still a lot to tell. For the truth, the municipal master plan is clear on the existence of archaeological remains in the mentioned area and the heritage and scientific value considered very valuable and unique. For this reason, it is striking that no political representative has come forward to denounce the situation. Either way, time does not stand still, but, in this context, as the popular saying goes “better late than never”.

Manuel Vargas, Aljustrel

Two emergency whistles!

Please note those responsible whether or not these two emergencies are addressed, at different levels of decision-making responsibility:

– To the Lisbon City Council, to review and reformulate the solution already implemented for the Avenida Almirante Reis cycle path, one of the main structural axes of the city.

– To the Government, to reserve the necessary part of the extraordinary financing which will come from Europe for the abandonment of the “Montijo solution” for a new airport in Lisbon and the launch of the “definitive” airport of Alcochete, with a possible railway structure for interim use at Beja aerodrome,

João Freire, Lisbon

Inês de Medeiros

Our Maria Antonieta is called Inês de Medeiros and is the visiting card of the PS in Almada. Nothing that surprises those who have always followed the path of this lady and, in particular, during this attempt to go to Paris to the detriment of the weekend at the time of the AR (2010) when she was a deputy and which she ended up intending to remove such indecent problem and embarrassment it brought to your party …

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We have learned that Almada’s social neighborhoods have a privileged view even though residents only have this property, not yet privatized, to enjoy it. The thousands who live there (under the sun), as Né Ladeiras sang, still risk being taxed for the panoramic view they have as stewardship that is so lacking in the gluttonous real estate market and hotel construction.

Almada deserves better!

Maria da Conceição Mendes, Vila Nova de Gaia

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