Apple Watch: Single loop bracelet can relax over time, Apple says

Apple changed its side of wearing your Apple Watch to reflect the single loop bracelet that was announced along with the Apple Watch range and Apple Watch SE last week.

We can now read:

If you have a bracelet with a buckle or a single braided buckle, the bracelet size should be comfortable but fit snugly on your wrist. Simply pull the bottom of the bracelet to stretch it over your wrist as you put it on and take off. The length of the single buckle bracelet can increase over time.

Apple has already posted a similar message on the side of each bracelet, but it was tiny at the bottom. It reads, “The bracelet will likely relax over time”.

The announcement comes shortly after users were surprised that they would have to return the entire Apple Watch to Apple if there was a strap size issue instead of just returning the strap. Suffice it to say that it is not very practical.

With this in mind, Apple has revised its online guide to help you choose the right size bracelet. The sizes are the same, but Apple is now providing more detailed instructions to ensure users don’t go wrong with the order.

Apple updated its size guide for Solo Loop today. No changes have been made to the actual numbers, however more detailed instructions and illustrations have been added to ensure correct size:

– Michael Steeber (@MichaelSteeber), September 23, 2020

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