Survey on consumer protection in the corona crisis: Consumers feel themselves politics – the economy

The corona pandemic is a burden on consumers. Many people work part-time and are afraid of losing their jobs, credit agencies warn against a wave of bankruptcies. You have to give up the many joys that you have in normal times.

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Holiday trips are canceled due to official travel warnings. Concerts or theater visits do not take place at all or only in small groups. Instead, there is a voucher for music or theater fans and hopes it will get better soon.

Most do not feel well protected by politics

“The pandemic brings new challenges to society, such as short-term work, dealing with failed events, canceled paths and new requirements for digitization,” says Klaus Müller, head of the Federal Association of Consumer Centers (VZBV). All the more important would be good consumer protection.

However, according to a representative VZBV survey, the vast majority of consumers do not feel well protected by politics in the corona crisis. According to a 2020 consumer report presented on Thursday, only about a third of people trust politics, with 71 percent trusting politics at all or little. A clear majority (84 percent) consider policy to be responsible Protect consumers’ interests.

Top German consumer lawyer: Klaus Müller informs about consumer concerns. Photo: picture alliance / Bernd von Jut

For five years now, VZBV has been asking people in Germany for their views on consumer protection. This year’s survey of 1,500 German citizens paints a current picture of the mood in pandemic times. The interview was conducted in August.

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Big trouble over the internet

What stands out: “Consumer issues, which have been known for a long time, are becoming increasingly important,” says Müller. In particular, the Internet and digitization are causing problems for consumers. One in four has had contract problems in the last twelve months.

The main problem: the difference between the agreed and actually received service. Everyone who works in a home office and is addicted to fast internet suffers extremely if the connection is bad. Many customers also have problems with customer service and redundancies.

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