Lukashenko’s Swearing In: Total Loss of Reality – Politics

Alexander Lukashenko swore to himself as President of Belarus in a small circle of loyal followers. Without the usual announcement, without fanfare. Before the ceremony, Lukashenko was driven through the streets of the soon-evacuated capital Minsk under a large security force. Heavily armed men rip off. Radio and television did not broadcast the clandestine event, although the autocrat had guaranteed it by law.

The hermetically sealed event sparked associations with the introduction of a new mafia godfather into the “family”. In this respect, the staging was – unintentionally – coherent. And it also shows that Lukashenko no longer believes his own lie that he was elected president by 80 percent of Belarusian voters.

Lukashenko has lost all legitimacy to pretend to be the head of state of Belarus. His rule was not legal either, as he has already faked many elections. He also falsified the result of this vote, except him – at least officially – only Russian President Vladimir Putin leaves no doubt. And even Lukashenko would like to get rid of that. But not because of the revolution that has been causing unrest in Belarus for almost two months now. However, Lukashenko declares that this revolution is over. If any final proof was needed to show that the autocrat has no understanding of reality – his inauguration made it clear.

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