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The post shows several students sitting on the floor next to windows with chairs serving as tables. All are wearing masks, which means the photo was taken on their way back to school at Covid-19. What is certain is that it is at the center of a controversy against the Italian Minister of Education, Lucia Azzolina, which has already been shared in Romania and Poland. There is no proof that this is a photograph taken in Portugal as stated by the user who shared the image.

Post on Facebook which implies that the photograph was registered in Portugal, since the user addresses Tiago Brandão, Minister of Education, in the description of the photograph.

When asked if the photograph was taken in a Portuguese school, the author of the post replies that “she thinks so”, since she removed the image from the “Portugal ao Contrário” page.

But the truth is that the first shares of the image took place in Italy, even though they have since arrived in Romania and Poland, for example, and one of them by the hand of the far-right leader Matteo Salvini who says that the image is a consequence of the policy “of the time of Azzolina”, referring to Lucia Azzolina, the current Italian Minister of Education.

Lucia Azzolina has been under fire since the start of the school year after making the decision to replace traditional tables and chairs in classrooms with individual tables, with casters so that they can be placed remotely in classrooms. The hashtag “azzolinadimissioni” – “azzolinademissão” – is already running on social media, with several users sharing images of schools that have thrown away their old tables and chairs and are now waiting for the new chairs.

I cleared erano davvero the emergenza? Quelli nuovi non arrivano, lying scuole stanno butting and kneading in discariche di fortuna gli forai usati. And so, I wrote a student record in the libri, perch and saranno solo the sedie. Mah…

– Lorenzo Fioramonti (@lofioramonti) September 12, 2020

An image similar to the students was already in the news on Telenord, after students were pictured at a school in Genoa, kneeling on the floor and using the benches as tables. The image was recorded by some parents of the pupils of the primary school in question and it also went viral, at a time when there was still a lack of distribution of “thousands of single-seater or wheelchairs” to schools.

E’un’imagine inaccurate. Vergogna @AzzolinaLucia, vergogna the question of the government !!

– edoardo sylos labini (@edosyloslabini) September 14, 2020

The design of the new chairs is also the target of many criticisms and ironic publications after the Minister of Education herself defended, in an interview, that the chairs, because they have wheels, made the job of group, which was a better solution for “smaller, more functional and more modern”.

“I asked for a permanent student in the group, I saw an evaluation of all the different learning.” Cit. Minister dell’Istruzione, Lucia Azzolina. #RadioSavana

– RadioSavana (@RadioSavana) September 16, 2020

Even so, despite sharing the photo by Matteo Salvini, party leader Liga Norte refused to identify the location where the photo was taken, remaining uncertain as to the origin of the photograph, although there is no indication that it be taken. registered in Portugal, where there was no indication of guardianship for any modification of student chairs or tables, besides maintaining a distance of one meter between each student, each school or group of schools taking the necessary measures to guarantee it, either with mismatched tables and chairs, or by reducing the number of tables in the room, or by installing acrylic barriers.

There is no trace that the photograph was taken in a Portuguese school, on the contrary the scenario resembles the one already recorded in Genoa, Italy, where the Minister of Education is involved in a controversy after deciding to replace tables and chairs in classrooms by chairs with individual table and wheels at the bottom. Even after the start of the school year in Italy, the media reported that there were still thousands of places missing, with students having to wait for the arrival of new material.

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