Internal combustion engine ban from 2035: “If one export market after another becomes serious, Scheuer will become a risk for placement” – economy

Cem Özdemir accused the federal government of endangering Germany as an industrial site. “I really don’t hear it anymore when everyone is talking about catching up with Palo Alto electric pioneer Tesla, and now we have to look enviously at California’s transport policy,” said Green politician Tagesspiegel.

It comes across Wednesday’s regulation adopted in California, according to which cars with internal combustion engines no longer need to be registered from 2035. From his point of view, the new regulation is also the launch of a competition for the best air conditioning technology.

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“What we urgently need now is an orientation policy,” Özdemir demanded. “The one who says that the age of fossil fuels is really coming to an end, and then he will also see how we can make the restructuring of an important automotive industry a success for employees and the climate.”

However, Federal Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer (CSU), as the “last man behind the past” of fossil fuels, likes and pretends that Germany does not have to change anything in terms of transport. “However, if one export market after another starts to think seriously about phasing out fossil fuels, then Trump’s policy of ignoring and postponing them at the Ministry of Transport will become a real competitive disadvantage and Andi Scheuer will become a local risk,” Özdemir said.

“Major measures against climate change”

Governor Gavin Newsom’s decree says that in 15 years, the most populous US state will be allowed to sell only new cars and smaller trucks without emissions. Therefore, from 2045, all new medium and large trucks should no longer have petrol or diesel engines. From Özdemir’s point of view, this is also a new regulation

Newsom described the proposed regulations as key measures against climate change. “Cars shouldn’t melt glaciers and cause sea levels to rise,” California’s beaches and coastline are threatening.

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The governor has also established links with giant bushes and forest fires that have been raging in the West Coast state for weeks: “Our cars should not exacerbate forest fires.”

The US election campaign is approaching

According to scientists, global warming is partly responsible for forest and bush fires in the western United States, which have been increasing for years. By contrast, US President Donald Trump again questioned climate change during a visit to firefighters in California last week.

California plays a pioneering role in protecting the United States’ climate. Trump, on the other hand, is running for a second term in the November 3 election, initiating the US’s exit from the global Paris agreement of 2015. It relies on oil, gas and coal for its energy policy. (AFP)

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