“Forced” Opening of iPhone NFC in Europe: France on the Front Line?

It’s no secret: Europe is working on a bill that could force Apple to open the iPhone’s NFC chip to competition, and banking organizations in particular. If we are to believe the PatentlyApple website, France would be no stranger to this project, a stake that stemmed from Apple’s refusal to help France develop StopCovid even though the government of The Era had opted for a homemade solution decided without the contact tracing APIs from Apple and Google. “Apple could have helped us make sure that the application works even better on iPhones,” said Cedric O., foreign minister for digital.

Cedric O. State Secretary for Digital

The proposal to open the NFC would therefore, in a sense, be France’s “answer” to Apple’s lack of interest in StopCovid. From an “outside” point of view, this “battle” between Apple and the French government does not seem to be on par with the health problems of this difficult time.

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