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“Imagine that a street in your neighborhood was closed so that you and your friends could play. On a day when there are no cars in this street, there is neither noise nor pollution! This challenge takes place on Rua da Penha de França, next to the Sapadores market, in Lisbon. So it was the last two Sundays and it will be the next one, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Playstreet is an initiative of the Brincapé consortium. Established by the Association for the Promotion of Child Safety (APSI), at 1, 2, 3 Macaquinho do Xinês and Brincar de Rua, it was born out of the program of the BIP / ZIP (Neighborhoods and Priority Intervention Zones of Lisbon). The collective is working to ensure more spaces in the historic district of the city where children can play outside and “hopes that more entities will follow the example of the Parish Council of Penha de França and join in walking ”.

According to the APSI, the project “is a common concept in countries like the United Kingdom, Canada and Germany, and which consists in closing a street, in an urban space, to traffic, for a predefined time for may children be children “. It is part of the “A Rua é Sua” initiative, of the Lisbon City Hall, as well as the European Mobility Week and the European Car Free Day.

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There was an edition last year and this year took place on Sundays of this month. There will be other opportunities, in Ajuda on October 11, and in Alcântara, with a date to be defined. According to the organization, “measures to reduce the risk of covid-19” have been implemented.

According to data from the association, the playstreet has so far had around 1,000 participants. They define it as a way of “discovering new games, of riding freely on a bicycle, tricycle or rollerblading, of playing ball with whoever wants to join and, above all, of leaving the seed so that the spirit of the neighborhood grows. “.

Text edited by Ana Fernandes

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