Questions of the day: Trump talks about the change of power, corona rules in Berlin – that was important – politics

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What happened?

• Rising number of infections in Berlin: The Mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller, wants to tighten up the Corona rules and curb outdoor parties – if necessary by banning alcohol. His role model is Munich. But he doesn’t follow Bayern in everything.

• These EU regions are now also corona risk areas: the federal government has expanded its list of corona risk areas. This also includes areas in 11 EU countries.

• Peaceful change of power? “We’ll have to see what happens”: According to surveys, the US president could lose significantly to Joe Biden. However, Trump leaves open whether he would voluntarily leave the White House.

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• Nearly three times as many teachers as expected are missing in Berlin: Berlin has been trying in vain to fill all teaching positions for months: six weeks after school started, there are still gaps.

• Roland Tichy resigns chairmanship of the Ludwig-Erhard-Stiftung: the former editor-in-chief of Wirtschaftswoche, Roland Tichy, had published a sexist statement about Sawsan Chebli in his magazine “Tichys Blick”. The CSU politician Dorothee Bär then resigned, several other politicians such as Health Minister Jens Spahn let her rest.

Roland Tichy was criticized for an article in his magazine Photo: Jan Woitas / dpa-Zentralbild / dpa

What was discussed?

• Israel and the Middle East remain bound: Despite two new Arab-Israeli peace treaties, the following still applies: Without a state of their own, Palestinians would have to become citizens of Israel, they would not disappear into thin air. Shimon Stein and Moshe Zimmermann guest-starred.

• The New Middle East – Why Arab Nationalism Is Declining: After the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain has also established diplomatic relations with Israel. Islamism expert Ahmad Mansour explains the background.

• The swearing-in of Lukashenko: As a mafia boss, Alexander Lukashenko has reinstated himself in the presidency of Belarus. The performance shows that he no longer believes his own lies, analyzes our Eastern Europe expert Frank Herold.

• The new plan for EU refugee policy: Whether the Brussels migration plan is successful depends mainly on one point: the willingness of Eastern Europeans to assist in deportations. Hungarian Prime Minister Orban is particularly challenged here.

Alexander Lukashenko declares himself president of Belarus with his hand on the constitution Photo: Andrei Stasevich, dpa

What can Tagesspiegel subscribers read?

• The corona situation in the autumn and winter: the number of newly infected people is increasing and with it the care. With the cold, the question arises: How do we survive the dark season pandemic? What worries and what gives hope.

• How the Samwer brothers insult their own shareholders: Rocket Internet must be taken off the stock exchange. Investors will lose a lot of money delisting – and they have little action against it.

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• Pediatrician advises: let the boys pick themselves! Phimosis, Urinary Tract Infections, Circumcision: Here’s What Parents Need To Know About Genital Care For Their Sons.

• Why two senators fight over an imperial eagle: An imperial eagle hangs from the facade of the Wedding District Court. Justice Senator Behrendt wants to remove him. But senator for Cultuur Lederer insists on monument protection.

What can we do?

Asian cooking! You know and love them from restaurants, but cooking Asian food at home is complicated. Two new cookbooks make it easier to get started.

Read! The poet Max Czollek dissects the current German cultural struggle in his new book “Gegenwartsbewältigung”.

Listen to music! Lonely, Lonely Jazz Piano: Michael Wollny and Dominik Wania release new solo albums.

Watch TV! The TV movie “Sick Business” shows how West German pharmaceutical companies used East German patients as guinea pigs.

The poet Max Czollek dissects the current German cultural struggle in his new book “Gegenwartsbewältigung” Photo: Ralf Hirschberger / pa / dpa

What do I need to know for tomorrow?

Global protests for more climate protection by the Fridays for Future movement: For the first time since the start of the corona pandemic, climate activists worldwide want to take to the streets again. They demand that politicians adhere to the goals of the Paris climate agreement and limit global warming to below 1.5 degrees compared to the pre-industrial era. According to Fridays for Future, more than 3,000 protests have been recorded worldwide, more than 400 in Germany alone.

After the death of US judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, her body is in the Capitol. Due to the corona pandemic, the ceremony may only take place on Friday morning (local time) with invited guests.

Number of the day

60,000 volunteers in the US, South Africa and Latin America will be vaccinated in the coming months with the Covid-19 vaccine from the manufacturer Johnson & Johnson. One of the most promising corona vaccines is now entering the pivotal testing phase. My colleague Sascha Karberg from the science department describes the details on this point.

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