Save the initials at the Colosseum in Rome? Tourist caught in the act | Italy

It is not the first and will hardly be the last. All over the world, more disrespectful tourists (and not only) do not hesitate to leave their permanent mark on monuments and many other places. This time, an Irish tourist was unlucky: he was caught red-handed by security guards at the Colosseum in Rome while distracted by recording his initials on a pillar of the ancient monument.

Although it is not a rare event, the case, which occurred over the weekend, was mentioned in Italian newspapers and social networks. “Rome, umpteenth” scar “of the Colosseum”, headlines the local portal Il Corriere della Città. La Reppublica newspaper says the 32-year-old visitor was arrested by the security team immediately after embedding the letters with a sharp object.

Within the police force, he was the subject of a complaint for damage to property of historical and artistic interest, but it is not yet known what “sanction” will be applied by the judicial authorities.

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What is certain is that, in similar cases, there have already been fines of great value: one of the most discussed cases concerned a Russian tourist, sentenced to a fine of 20,000 euros for having engraved a Giant K on the walls of the Colosseum, recalls the newspaper The Telegraph. And he was given a four-month suspended prison sentence.

In recent years, there have been many cases of tourists leaving traces, some deeper than others, in monuments or historical spaces: in Portugal, among the most famous situations, there is the case of the destruction of the statue of Dom Sebastião at Rossio station. , a case that ended with the acquittal of the alleged perpetrator and the construction of a replica to replace the original.

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