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Yesterday in a group I belong to and all of the participants are parents, someone posted a YouTube link and asked “Did you see this?”. I opened the video, saw it halfway, and flagged the content. Then I went back to the group and died inside a bit with the comments I read. The common point? Everyone, without exception, has spoken of her. She, the girl. She, the woman. She, the whore. About them? Not even a word.

You know, I don’t care how old she is, whether or not she knew she was recorded, if it was the desire for fame that drove the video or how many were involved. What matters to me is the behavior of our society which, while stoning and condemning, watches the video with wide eyes and undisguised curiosity. The society that scandalizes itself and rejects the moralism it keeps in its pocket is the same one that over and over again shares the video, comments and analyzes it in detail instead of denouncing it.

And then, as almost always, the gangs organized themselves and headed for the 21st century courthouse, also known as Instagram, and launched the attack. On the one hand, the “mothers of Bragança”, faithful guardians of the morals and good customs of our people, always ready to analyze another shame in the name of the superior interest of the nation. On the other hand, the usual ordinary people who, immersed in sexual frustration, took the opportunity to upload it in dirty posts and comments. But everything on his Instagram, of course. They, poor, as we already know, were practically obliged to do so.

I don’t know what motivated the recording of this video, I don’t know if its broadcast was combined, but I know with absolute certainty that this girl had no idea that at that time, she was destroying his life. And most likely that of the parents. Because this girl is someone’s daughter. It could be ours. And it is better that we have the idea that no matter how good the education we try to give our children, we cannot control all the variables and therefore none of us are free. to have to deal with something like this. The appeal of fame and easy money is sometimes too hard to fight.

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I am the mother of two boys. And today I am worried. This is because, contrary to what many seem to believe, these children are not heroes. They are as responsible as she is. They failed as much as she did when they decided to have sex in a public place, when they allowed (?) The recordings, when they were part of it all. But she was the one who had to delete her Instagram account, she was the one who became an easy meme and joke on social media. Considering the comments, they always got patted on the back. Champions, those two, right?

On a more personal note, let me tell you, a few years ago a friend ended a relationship that had lasted almost a decade. After that, the ex-boyfriend decided to put three videos of them on the Internet. Videos she had made because she trusted him and he had sworn to delete later. Videos that showed her naked and in love. Videos that led her to change town first and then country, videos that destroyed her parents’ marriage, videos that have been seen thousands of times, shared, commented on in cafes, videos that drowned her in whispers when she walked into the bakery or pharmacy. It’s him? He stood there, content with life, bragging about his manhood as he pulled an iron in the gym.

She, like the girl in the train video, walked through hell barefoot. Because, as we know so well, they are always to blame. Them, the girls. Them, the women. Them, whores.

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