59-year-old man arrested for domestic violence against his partner and 20-year-old mother | Domestic violence

A 59-year-old man has been detained in Ferreira do Zêzere, in the Santarém neighborhood, for the crime of domestic violence against a 20-year-old partner and the victim’s mother, with whom he is also believed to have a relationship, according to the National Guard Republican (GNR) of Santarém.

According to a statement from the territorial command of Santarém, it was found during an investigation that the suspect “had physically and psychologically assaulted his 20-year-old companion, chasing her and monitoring her in every move”. This constant surveillance was carried out on social networks and led the suspect to threaten the woman “with a knife and a syringe”.

From what the PUBLIC was able to verify with the GNR spokesperson in Santarém, the 59-year-old man, married and with children, is said to have an extramarital affair with his 20-year-old partner “five or six years ago », Controlling the girl at all times.

“If the girl posted a photo [nas redes sociais] somewhere, [o detido] it was there a short time ago ”, illustrated Major Rui Névoa to the PUBLIC. These episodes would have taken place “for some time”.

When the 20-year-old girl filed a complaint with the authorities, the victim’s mother also said she was physically assaulted by the man for “refusing to have sex with him. “, The GNR said in a statement. The girl’s mother is also believed to have maintained a relationship with the individual, the GNR spokesperson added on the phone with the PUBLIC.

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According to the territorial command of Santarém, the GNR army executed the arrest warrant on Monday because of the danger of prosecuting the crime of domestic violence.

The detainee was already present at the Santarém court, after having been subjected to the coercive measure “to prohibit contact and to approach the victims” and to be monitored by an electronic bracelet.

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