“Outside our region. Get out of here. “Clashes in Madrid after a demonstration in front of a confined neighborhood – Observe

The police intervention was as swift as the peace of mind. After stones in the air, police officers rolling on the ground and demonstrators in blood, a security cordon was set up in front of the Assembly of the Autonomous Community, which met this week with the government to take stock of the actions to be taken.

Across the street in front of the Madrid Sur de Vallecas shopping center, protesters were still trying to mingle with those passing by and those entering and exiting the shopping district. The cries came, then, like the waves, sometimes heard, sometimes calmed down. At one point a woman shouted, “Out of our area. Get out of here, ”and received elation in response. It is here that the hurt of what was happening was touched: those who live in areas subject to harsher measures and can only leave home to work and for essential tasks feel ostracized compared to those who live across the road and move around freely.

The police, however, have remained static and in a strategic position if they are to act. He came to seem indifferent to the wave of curses. “Murderers” came to cry out. “Our children are not delinquents,” said another woman with a dog in her arms. The protesters began to return home slowly, as did the police. Finally, there remained a small group, which every time a police van passed throwing stones. They were no more than 15, as one of the girls assured the Observer, proud to confront the police. On Monday, 7,500 soldiers are available to assist the police forces, which will also be reinforced. And the restrictions can extend to more neighborhoods.

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